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I recently visited Lisbon last week for a City Break and got so many mails about where to go and what to do so I thought I would jot it all down for you. Lisbon is such a cool city from it's quirky streets decorated with graffiti, cool bars and amazing brunch spots it kind of gave me a Melbourne feel and not to forgot their bright coloured buildings that gave me life, like why can't we have pink & yellow coloured buildings in Dublin, would it be too much to ask for LOL!

There is so much to do from sight seeing, to dining out, to getting a tram up to a view point you will be spoiled for choice. If you even had enough time you could spend the day in Porto and do some wine tasting.


Surprisingly we got loads done on my list (I know I am a avid list maker and planner) and you could get a lot done in three days.

Take a stroll around the city

And walk down towards the river front and you will be in the Praça do Comércio square. There is a few restaurants along the front but just nice to walk along or make a pit stop to even get yourself a ice cream or cheeky Aperol Spritz which is my fav!

Time Out Food Market

Is such a cool indoor food hall based inside a wholesale food market. It has lots to choose from and is only a 5 minute walk from the centre. We ended up having lunch there one of the days and got an amazing pizza from Zero pizza.

LX Factory

Is an industrial complex which used to be an old fabric production plant which is filled with walls of art murals along with cafes, restaurants and clothing & interior shops.

It is about 15 mins on a tram or 5/10mins by car from the city. We ended up getting a tuk tuk here after we did the Belem tower and making a pit stop to the pastry shop ''Pasteis de Belem'' (there is always a queue outside the shop but moves pretty quick so you will know which shop this is for sure) to try the pasteis de nata which are little custard tarts. Not going to lie I wasn't a fan of them as I actually don't like custard but least I tried them.


My favourite place was definitely Sintra which we got the train to and purchased a hop on/hop off bus ticket for €20.00 each for the day (bring cash as they don't take card) and visited Pena Palace & Quinta De Reguilera (which are these amazing gardens). Sintra is like County Wicklow and is a region with lots of historic buildings and gardens within the region, so there is no way you would make your way around on foot. Other options you have besides the hop on/hop off is hiring a car or tuk tuk driver for the day to bring you around. Might be worth while pricing at 2x tickets for the bus is €40.00 and a tuk tuk could be cheaper.

Pena Palace

Is the most magnificent place I have ever seen, from the colours to the tiles it is like something from a fairy-tale.

Quinta da Regaleira

These are gardens with amazing waterfalls and little castles/look out towers jotted around the grounds. Again it is like something from a movie and so untouched I loved it!


Is the old town of Lisbon and has some mighty hills to hike so bring them walking shoes or opt for getting the tram up. But the look out point and amazing art murals, coloured & tiled walls make it worth while. There is some lovely little cafes and shops along the way. I stumbled upon a little gift shop with loads of cute straw bags and ended up buying one of the elderly couple who owned it they were so cute.

Other things to do that we didn't get around to do;

  • Rent a segway or electric scooter

  • Castle de Jorge

  • Tagus river cruise

  • Eating & drinking walking tour - one of my friends did this and said it was amazing and lasted around 3 hours.

  • Wine tasting (I think there is one just outside of Lisbon you can do)


There are so many cool places to eat & drink in Lisbon. From indoor food markets to speak easy bars you won't be stuck for choice. The main area to eat & drink in Lisbon is Bairro Alto there is lots of restaurants and bars to choose from if you want to wander around. You can also head up to Alfama which is the Lisbon old town with an amazing view point at the top. You can get the tram up here (from the Praca da Figuera square, have a drink / dinner and stroll down after.


I came across this restaurant on Retro Flames Lisbon highlights and well I wasn't disappointed. The décor, service and food where amazing and of the course the wine was too. This place is situated in a high end fashion mall so it has a real chic vibe to it and not to mention the Laudree dessert tray you are presented to choose from for dessert.

Palacio Chiado

I came across this restaurant when I was googling my life away, researching where to eat for dinner as I am such a sucker for ambience and décor and well it didn't fail to disappoint.

Other places I had on my list for dinner were;

  • Mini bar ( which I got recommended a lot, does dinner & small bites)

  • Maria Catitia - Sea food

  • Club de Jornalistas - Mediterranean

  • A Cevicheria - South American / offers a tasting menu

  • Prado - Latin American

  • Sea me - Sea food

  • Patron - Mexican

  • Chutnify - Indian


So many cool bars around Pink street area as this does be quite lively at night especially the weekends.

Pensao Amour

Used to be an old brothel and still has a lot of its original artwork on the walls. It nearly feels your in Paris somewhere. We went for drink before dinner on Friday night and headed back after dinner and there was a burlesque dancer on which was pretty cool and not to mention I tasted the most amazing espresso martini's there.

  • By the wine - wine bar

  • Red frog - speakeasy bar

  • Pharmacia - cool bar decked out like a Pharmacy with a waiting area and cocktail quirky cocktail menu


Park bar - really cool bar on top of a car park we went to. You wouldn't even know this existed as you have to take the lift to the fifth floor and walk up a ramp and your in a little haven sipping on cocktail taking in the rooftop views. This was the only rooftop bar besides our hotel which was open this time of year.

  • Noobai

  • Sky Bar at the Tivoli Hotel

  • Café Bar

  • Lost in

  • The Memmo - Alfama

  • Upscale bar

** Most of these bars only open in the summer months from May.


This needed a section of its own as we all know I love a good brunch. Lisbon is full of instragrammable cafe's . The decor is too die for and you just want to stay there for the day and have a photo shoot ha-ha. So here is a list of some of the cafes I came across and visited.


This mint coloured café is so cute and is a sister café to Amelia Café. If you have ever been to London and visited Elan or Freya this is right up your street.


If it is pink and they do coconut flat whites I am sold! This is such a gorgeous spot and the menu is quite big so you have loads to choose from.

  • Café Janis

  • Naked

  • Dear Breakfast (lots of people mentioned this to me)

  • Chia juice bar

  • Bowls & bar

  • Tartine

  • Royale


We stayed in the Atlis Grande just beside Avenue da Liberdade which is about 10-15 minutes walk from the city centre. It is a nice area as most of the high end boutiques are around here and some nice restaurants. It was quite a business district area and if i was staying again stay in The Tivoli Hotel which looked amazing (little pricey but you get what you pay for). Personally I wouldn't rate the hotel I stayed in for a 5 star and the staff weren't that helpful and was quite dated. I would stay in the Atlis Avenida which was closer to the city and looked nicer.

Other areas to stay in Lisbon is the city centre, old town or Biarro Alto.

Other hotels I looked into whilst I was booking my stay;

  • Lux Lisboa

  • Turim - there is a few hotels of this branch

  • Epic Sana

  • Sana

  • Sofitel

  • Eurostars

  • Hotel Real Palacio

Well I think I have covered it all in a nutshell :)

Happy reading / travelling

Lots of love

Emma x

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  • Emma Kehoe

I get asked a lot about how I stay so positive and thought I would finally jot it all down and make one big blog post about it. I know I have been out of action as I nearly feel do people read blog posts anymore or are we just scrollers on Instagram stories ? For me I know I love a good article in a magazine or online to read as it is just a bit more interesting and absorbing rather than just scroll, scroll and tap , tap, tap... if you get me?

So for me where it all began and how I evolved into preaching those ''Positive vibes'' was I'd say about 9 years ago when I was in a low place after a bad break up. I decided I wanted to work on me & being a better me, as I was the only person in charge of my life.

The first thing I did was read ''The Secret'' which a friend recommended to me and by god did I feel that I needed a revelation.

Reading this made me realise that the power is actually in your hands and what you put out the universe is what you attract LITERALLY! I started to practise this and I honestly feel my life has turned itself around from using this method. For instance when I started to feel good about myself and put time into myself and was after reading the book I was in the gym I starting feeling good about myself which started to shine from the outside, I got promoted in my job and then I put out to the universe I just wanted to meet a really nice guy and then I met Ian.... 8 years on we are still together and honestly feel he is my soul mate as corny as it sounds! This book is honestly like my bible along with all the other books Rhonda Byrne has brought out.

From this I felt I had a bit of a spiritual awakening as you would say and totally engrossed in this other realm of how you are in charge of your life and that anything is achievable and not always to dwell on the negatives but to change them into positives and always learn those mistakes.

After implementing these ways and a few years on I felt like I wanted more insight and closure and was at another cross roads in my life. I was only back from Australia after living there for 2 years but I felt there was something else I needed to confront. One of my work colleagues referred me to a Judith McAdam who was a Kinesiologist, Life Coach and Reiki practitioner and author of ''The Source''. (Kinesiology as used in the complementary health is natural medicine field defined primarily using muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body's structural chemical, emotional and other energies and what you need to do to heal this) I have been seeing Judith for nearly four years now and she has helped me over come a lot of emotional blockages in my life and encouraged me into taking life head on and how to wrk on my own persona and what I can get out of life. For instance how to react in certain situations I've had where If someone let's say cancelled on my for dinner and I was really looking forward to it I would be upset but now I am like this is ok , this happened for something else to happen if you get me? You can't dwell to much on the bad or your head would go around in circles and the anxiety of it all would get you so down, but you have a choice how to feel and what to give your energy too.

I have learnt over the years being such a energetic person and I love to give back and help people, sometimes you have to preserve your energy. For instance I would hate letting people down or saying no but sometimes I just wouldn't want to go out or do what ever it was to make that person happy and it would effect me more so I started learning to say ''NO'' and that is ok to say this. It is not about feeling guilty, or letting someone down or just making you happy it is about keeping your energy you and when you truly want to give it and appreciate doing it. Years ago before I got into this I was always on the go and saying YES but over the years I've slowly came into really appreciate my time and just being content with it (Sure Ian only joked last night saying ''I think you like your own time more than mine'' haha) So every week I set my own time to the side whether it is going to the gym or reading a book on my own or having a walk or coffee on my own it definitely works wonders for your mind and you!

Other things to keep my positivity up has to be listening to Oprah's Super Soul Podcasts on Spotify. I think everyone knows on Instagram I am obsessed as there is nothing more I love to do on the way to work than sit there and listen to Oprah to set you up for the day. She is just such an influential inspiring person that exceeds to give back and gets the upmost enjoyment doing this.

I also love to read books that embrace positivity or some sort of spirituality or mindfulness in them, so here is some of my favourites.

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Is a book that you can live by day to day making you embrace the present moment and not thinking too much into the past or future. We all now we can get anxiety around these thoughts but this will teach you how to just be in the now!

7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

This book is all about embracing spirituality, positive thinking and the law of attraction. It taps into letting go of your ego, your current situation and then looking into what you truly desire when finding your life's purpose.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This is probably one of the most interesting and inspiring books that I have read in the last few years. My sister Ashley gave this a lend to me as she would be into the same books as myself and she raved about it. There are two perspectives that you can relate to from this book. One being quite mystical and a story about a nomad or else understanding the book with a sense of hidden meanings and how to overcome obstacles in life.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight

After seeing this book and hearing lots of people reading it, I knew it was right up my street and sure look at the title. It basically is about learning not to sweat the small stuff and not care so much. If you feel you are taking on peoples problems and need a kick up the bum to start saying ''NO'', this is the one for you!

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Is a life-changing book, whose ideas come from the ancient Toltec wisdom of the native people of Southern Mexico. The Toltec were known ‘people of knowledge’, and Ruiz’s family was firmly emboldened with this knowledge. The simple ideas of The Four Agreements provide a guide-map for living a positive lifeThe Four Agreements’, and what they mean.

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personally

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

Here is some other books that are currently on my to read list:

  • A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle ( which I have recently bought to listen/read in conjunction with Oprah's 10 week podcast with Eckhart. Every week she talks about one chapter.

  • The Power of Intention by Dwyane Dyer

  • Feel the Fear by Susan Jeffers

  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Peale

  • The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

So I think I have covered it in a nut shell with an insight into the little positive world of me.

I know it is hard to always stay positive and life does get you down which is ok too . But when you stop to think that ''All things do happen for a reason'' and we are here to learn from our mistakes.

Just think to yourself '' the bad sometimes has to happen in order for you to see the good''. Now preach them Positive Vibes !!

Lot of love

Emma x

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  • Emma Kehoe

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

So it's officially that time of year where we all go into impulse spending over load. Whether it's from Christmas or treating yourself, we all get lured in.

I have done some homework across clothing, beauty, life style & homewares so I can share all the latest deals with you for Black Friday. Now don't panic as it is not just this weekend you are getting these cyber savings, as some of the retailers are holding their sales for up to 10 days.



Haven't yet launched any Black Friday deals but they are known to have some bargains. Last year they had Up to 50% off coats, accessories, shoes & brands like Ivy Park and Skinny Dip.


Have unofficially launched Black Friday today giving 30% off using code BLACK18.


Currently they have up to 50% of Denim & Basics but this only last for 48 hours. Hopefully another offer comes along too.

New Look

Have up to 50% of everything. I'm loving all their home accessories & stationary at the moment.


Currently have up to 60% of selected styles but I am definitely holding out for the official Black Friday launch as last year they had 20% off EVERYTHING.

Pretty Little Thing

Are offering a whopping 30% of everything using code EARLY30 at the moment. Who doesn't love a PLT haul ? Let's hope this lasts for a while.


Currently have 25% of Everything on the website using code TEQUILA.


Like their sister PLT they also have 30% of everything, I can feel party glam spree coming along.


Are giving 30% off everything at the moment using code BLACKWEEK. This site is a little gem if you are looking for a nice suit or tailored look.

Nasty Gal

Are offering a MASSIVE 50% off everything, now that is what I call a SALE!


Of course I had to include my fav. They currently have 30% off selected lines but I'll let you in on a secret, they will be doing 40% off everything starting from Wednesday 21st. This also includes my EmmaK Edit, so be sure to grab yourself a bargain ladies.


Now onto to some beauty as it can't always be about clothes sure there is always room for another new lipstick or highlighter right?


Are offering up to 50% off on selected perfumes and there is loads of other amazing deals on beauty, electricals and gift sets.

Beauty Bay

Is probably one of my go to sites if you can't get to a Sephora store. The stock some amazing brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics, L.A Girl, Zoeva & Make Up Revolution to name a few. They currently have from 30% - 50% off most products.

Cult Beauty

Are currently offering 30% off Becca which is renown for their famous champagne pop highlighter, if you don't have this you need it in your life. Other brands with 30% off include Too Faced & Limecrime. They also have up to 40% off selected gifts too.



Who doesn't love a good book? Easons are offering 30% off everything with code BLACK as you all know I love a good book whether it's a novel on holidays or for some motivation & mindfulness.


Needing to stock up on any protein they have 40% off everything.

Gym Shark

For those gym bunnies they have up to 70% off selected styles.


So this is where the majority of my money is being spent these days. I have found some great deals, god love my bank balance at the end of the month as I just don't know when to stop buying as my house is in aid of some finishing touches like photos and pictures on the wall etc.

EZ Living

Have some gorgeous furniture and furnishings and I always pop in here to have a look. They currently have reductions on lots of furniture.

Look at these stunning bed frames for €349 and €699, my spare room is in aid of a bed and I am thinking one of these could be fab.

Harvey Norman

With up to 50% of sofas, mattresses and dining furniture and 25%-30% off cameras, Tv's and tablets. I can already picture the chaos in store.


Have lots of offers on their own range products including Alexa which is on sale for £54.99.


Have offers on a lot of electrical goods from Tv's to game consoles be worth while checking out for those Christmas presents.


I'm currently having a Matalan phase as their homewares range is to die for. I recently bought some bedside lamps and then this week I bought a light fitting for my sitting room and a cute matt for the front door ( I know I am getting out of hand). The only thing is they deliver to the UK but I just use Addresspal which is super handy.


Are holding 12 days of offers across all departments. You will be sure to find something here for everyone.

Well I think I covered everything........So let the shopping commence :)


Emma x

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