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The question is Cocky or Confident?

There is one thing that every girl is searching for and if it was something we could buy of the shelves it would be sold out constantly. It’s something we all are in search of, whether it’s about our body, our on persona, our looks, even the way we dress, it all comes down to one thing CONFIDENCE.

I recently received such a loving message off one of my followers complimenting me on my confidence and what advice I could give? This really touched my heart as I never thought of peoples perception of my confidence before.

As a woman in today’s society I think confidence it can be perceived in two ways;

Self love – Being confident on who you are and loving you and what you have around you and have achieved in life. Loving what person you are and thinking how you can better yourself everyday and radiate to other people. I’m all about positive mindset and not letting things get to me but believe me I used to think so deeply into things, worry about every small thing and other peoples problems and be so anxious. But this has all changed over the years. As I have gotten older and approached life with a different outlook.

On another note confidence can also be perceived as;

Cocky – In this dane age sometimes confidence can be taken up the wrong way as cocky or egotistical. For instance I know I’m confident in my own skin but it was mentioned to me before that someone thought ” I was up my own arse” or “Mad about myself”. Now if anyone knows me I’m far from it, I’m such a down to earth person and I think for someone to have that perception of someone else because they actually like who they are, is very narrow minded. Now don’t get me wrong there is a cocky persona in some of us and there is nothing wrong with that but I think it’s all about how we come across and how we hold ourselves.

I’ve worked very hard on the person I am today and not many of you may know that I was a quite big as a teenager. I remember being 16 stone at the age of 16 and a size 18/20 and thinking is this who I want to be and how will boys ever like me? I also remember getting bullied when I was younger to this day I can still remember the name calling which I think will forever stick there. But one day I thought enough is enough and joined Weight Watchers with my Auntie. I was so eager to start but I think everyone thought “She will loose a few pounds” and that would be it.  I remember my Nana making a bet with me saying she would give me a €uro for every pound I lost. Regardless of the money I was so determined too loose weight and my achieve my dream of walking into Topshop and being able to buy a size 14.

With hard work and determination I lost over 4 stone in year and I got this new lease of life and confidence, it was like the real Emma had finally come out as she had been hiding for so long. With the weight loss also I actually started getting interest of boys which was another new thing to me and my confidence grew from that too. But what I achieved from loosing weight was a goal and sense of accomplishment which I always wanted in life and that was so rewarding to me.

Now nearly 15 years on from that old Emma I’m still being who I want to be. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still struggling still to loose a stone all these years and would like to be more toned (what girl wouldn’t?) but I’ve learnt to live and love with what I am & what I have and not comparing myself to others (e.g my skinny sisters who are drop dead gorgeous, my stunning friends and all those Insta hotties) I’ve learnt to stand in my own skin and be proud.

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